Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Site Assignment

We found out where we will be serving for the next two years. We will be working with the Portmore Municipal Council, located in Portmore, St. Catherine, just West of Kingston. The Municipal Council is the first of its kind in Jamaica, because no other city has had its own authority or directly elected mayor and city council. The city has about 230,000 people and serves as a bedroom community for people who work in Kingston. We will be working with project proposals and community outreach while we are here. We will know more over time as we figure out our role. Right now our top priority is finding housing in the area.You can go to a local website (http://www.portmore.org/) for more information about the town.We will have more details for you after we return to our training site from our week in Portmore.
Shane and Kaelyn

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