Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Margaritaville B & B

Stats for this past weekend.
  • Consecutive days with overnight guests: 4
  • Total guests: 6
  • Meals served: 5
  • Tequila consumed: 400 mL (1/4 gold, 3/4 blanco)
  • Oscars watched: 1
  • Frank Capra films viewed: 1 (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
  • 12 A bus tickets purchased by all guests: 20 (J$50 per)

Looking past the numbers reveals an interesting aspect of the Peace Corps ethos. Letting other Peace Corps stay at your house is fun. This is one of the great undavertised perks of the Peace Corps experience. You don't have to get a hotel, because there's always a floor (and sometimes even a mattress) to sleep on. Some volunteers even go to other countries and sleep on the floors of the volunteers there.

So, for quarterly meetings, since we live so close to the Peace Corps office and have cable, many people sleep at our place instead of a hotel in Kingston. It's cheaper, and we all cook together, which is fun. Plus, we have finally perfected home made tortillas, after the third try. (Thanks Caitlin!) Karma dictates that if we let people stay at our house, then we get to stay at their house. Works out nicely.



Kaelyn said...

Another part of the reason that our house is better than a hotel in Kingston is because Peace Corps only pays you J$900 per night. Which gets you a bed in a room with about 10 other beds, a bathroom to share with those other people, one fan for the whole room, and sheets that haven't been cleaned in who knows how long. Why pay for those things when you can have them at our house for free?! Plus the wonderful food and fabulous company!

Stunner said...

Just passin thru. It's always good to have good company stay over.

Certainly cheaper than hotels!!!