Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baby Names

Several Jamaicans have approached us with the fantastic idea that Shane and I should name our child Shaelyn. Now don't get the wrong idea we aren't expecting a baby nor do we plan to be anytime soon. But we are still asked to promise that when we do have a baby we will name it Shaelyn. Because of course Shaelyn is what you get when you combine Shane and Kaelyn. Now personally I think it is a bit ridiculous and would probably be incredibly embarrassing and dorky for the child. And I really hadn't considered that the people recommending this were serious, I thought they were just being funny. That was until I realized that this is a common practice in Jamaica, just like having 2 or 3 different names and the strange ways of spelling names. What clued us in was when our friend's baby was born earlier this week and it was named T'Andre. Of course it was because the parents names are T'sha and Andre. I guess now I'll have to stop laughing when people talk about Shaelyn. But it's still pretty unlikely we'll make use of that name, and the same goes for Kane.



Jenny Noel said...

Hi Guys! It's Kaelyn's cousin Jenny. Kae-your mom was just in St. Louis and showed me your blog. I liked your most recent "baby names". What's funny is that my friend really wants to do that, her first born is going to be Kaydon. Maybe you can have a pet named Shaelyn or a car named Kane, just some ideas. So I just wanted to stop in and say hi, I hope all is well.


Darius Kemp said...

Hey forget baby names that is what we can call you both collectively. You know like Brangelina or Bennifer or Tomkat, or even Jarius ( what they will call me and Djimon Hounsou you know the guy from Amstead, The Island, and Tomb Raider, when we get married)! So I think you should run with it and keep the name for yourself.