Monday, December 11, 2006

Fun in Negril

Kaelyn and Merpickney

We went back to Negril with Caitlin and Khaled and our Jamaican friends a couple weekends ago and had a great time. Once again, we stayed at the Hearbeat Hotel, a reasonably priced place set right on the cliffs of the West End of Negril with great sunsets, snorkeling, and lounging opportunities. It was Khaled's birthday (the low sum of 30 years), and it was a compelling reason to enjoy Negril.

Cake Delivery

There were a lot of Peace Corps and other visitors in the area because of the Reggae Marathon. Four PCV's participated and did quite well. Of course, we weren't there for the running, but it was fun to see everyone and hang out together. Saturday was spent swimming with the Merpickney (our Jamaican friends' kids) and then eating dinner at LTU, a nice and friendly place to eat. It overlooks the sea and has a great view. To celebrate Khaled's birthday, there was two birthday cakes, carrot and vegan chocolate.


On Sunday, we made the obligatory trip to Margaritaville. This time, we sampled the margaritas, and they are indeed scrumptious. Then, there was more time for sunning and swimming. Shane even took a bike ride all the way to the lighthouse at the other end of Negril. What a great time.

-Shane and Kaelyn

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