Monday, July 02, 2007

Drum Shop

We recently spent the weekend in Negril because we had won a free trip at Merrill's, a hotel on the beach. The prize was for entering a raffle held by our friends Caitlin and Khaled. We entered the raffle sometime in October 2006, but the prize was still valid in June. Mostly, we just sat around the hotel, swam, and relaxed in the luxurious room that was about as big as our apartment. I did make one trip to into Negril in order to get a drum and some guinneps. I was successful on both counts, eventually.

First, I went to the drum shop, but Lloyd, the Rasta drum maker, was not there. So I asked after him at the cook shop next door. They suggested calling the number written on his sign. So I did. It turned out Lloyd was at lunch, but he told me he would be back soon. So I went down to small fruit vendor area in Negril, which was prety close to the drum shop. I talked to the fruit ladies there, and I was lucky enough to get the last bag of guinep.

Row of Fruit Stands

After talking to the ladies for a while, I went back to the drum shop. But it was still closed. So I went to the cookshop and got some coconut water. They were out of their classic tuna water, but that was OK because I didn't really want to drink tuna water. Eventually, the drum maker returned and we were able to talk for a couple of hours and I chose a drum made of guango wood. Here is Lloyd and his shop. He makes really nice drums under the name Lion Claw out of various woods such as guango, saparilla, and coconut.

Drum Shop and Lloyd, the Drum Maker

Make sure to check Lloyd near the round-a-bout in Negril if you are interested in drumming or want to buy a nice hand drum.



Anonymous said...


My name is Kimba Kabaka. I am from the beautiful island of St.Croix. I was wondering if anybody knows how I could get in contact with the bredren Lloyd drum shop. i would like to purchase a kette drum from him...Someone please get back to me. You can reach me at or 916-912-9666

katty said...

I love the drum, i think this instrument is very notable, i usually feel too much energy when i listen or i touch a drum although be a short time. Is absolutely wonderful.

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I would also love to get in touch with Lloyd to get some drums from him. I want to start a drum revolution .I want to Arm every child in Jamaica with a drum . I think this is what will bring the change that will change the world. Please help he . I want to get a drum starting with every basic school child.