Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shane and Kaelyn's Peace Corps Info

We are getting ready to embark on our Peace Corps adventure in Jamaica. We will fly there on Friday, July 8th from Miami. We will be in training until August 27th, when we get placed in our actual assignment where we will work for the next two years. We are not sure how reliable our internet access will be down there,but we should be able to check it at least once a week, so feel free to email us at We will also be getting a cell phone, but we won't know the number for a couple of days. Our mailing address will be:

Kaelyn (and/or) Shane McCall
U.S. Peace Corps
8 Worthington Avenue
Kingston 5, Jamaica, West Indies

It is safer to mail things in padded envelopes rather than boxes. Let us know if you want to come and visit, although we can't have visitors in the first three or the last three months.

Thanks and keep in touch,
Shane and Kaelyn McCall

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