Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Staging Day 1

Hello from Miami,

Things are like the first day of school and we are just trying to remember everyone's name and where they are from plus filling out forms and listening to instructions. I think everything will be more fun when we move in with our host family which will happen on July 13th. We aren't sure if we will have the same host family or not but it will only be for 6 weeks and then we start our service on August 27th at our permanent assignment (we will definitely be together then). More info later (because this is all we know for now).

- Kaelyn


Chris said...

Wow, first one to comment. I feel so privileged (sniffle)
Getting a chance to enjoy the stay or do they have you tied up all day?
I'm sure you guys will be the best thing to hit Jamaica since Marley and Red Stripe.

shane said...

Actually, we are really tied up and even have fieltrips on the weekend. We are seeing a lot of the country, like yesterday for instance we went to see Dunn's River Falls, a very famous tourist place. But it was quite fun and it was the first time we got to go into the ocean since we have been here.

spiral said...

Hola, Shane and Kaelyn. I'm re-vamping my blog and decided to put you guys in my short list of people I link to; let me know if that's not okay. Your brother and I have been thinking of you. Meeso says hi.