Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chips and Salsa

The thing I miss most in Jamaica (besides my family of course) is chips and salsa. You would think in a land full of pear (advocado) just waiting to be made into guacamole there would a whole heap of chips. But no, none to be found except the "Export Only" bag of Tostitos at Super Plus, with a price that doesn't make it feasible to purchase except on a very special occasion. And the best salsa option has been Shane's homemade pineapple salsa. Which is good but just isn't the same as Margarita's brand that we used to have a permanent supply of in our fridge in Lawrence. However, we made a break through last night which just might allow us to cope without our very favorite food while in Jamaica. To accompany our black beans and rice we paired stove popped popcorn with hot sauce - and not just any hot sauce Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper sauce of course. It was very tasty, and very spicy, hitting very similar taste buds. We also rationalized that it may in fact be more slightly more healthy. But I still miss the real thing, oh what I would give to go to La Parrilla right now!

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Shane said...

Actually, I think Kaelyn's favorite food is pickles, which they do have down here, but they are kind of expensive. They don't have fried pickles, but maybe I could make them.