Thursday, February 02, 2006

Aged Musings

I am starting to feel a little bit different with the weight of 25 years soon to be hanging from my neck (tomorrow). It certainly feels a lot older than 18 or 21 years old. I think 25 is pretty much the age when you can't be considered a child or young adult any longer, no matter what your station in life or are how hard to try to keep being treated like youth. Before then, maybe you can get away with it if you are in college, or some other circumstance where you are not "earning your keep." At 25, though, it's in with the new, and the new is the old.



Anonymous said...

Eh, the only difference between today and tomorrow is a label. You're only as old as you (let yourself) feel.

At any rate, 25 is still really young. Don't feel old.. enjoy your youth while you can.

And.. Happy Birthday!

Adrianna said...

That's funny. I had the same exact conversation with my partner yesterday. We came to a pretty similar conclusion.

happy b-day.