Monday, February 06, 2006

My Adventure in Jamaica

Note: This is a guest post by our very special visitor. If you want to see pictures of the mitten's adventure click here.

I traveled 1,807 miles from Missouri to Jamaica to visit Aunt Casey’s friends, Kaelyn and Shane. The climate here is much warmer than in Missouri. The sun stays out for about the same length every day instead of being shorter in the winter as they are in the United States. It gets dark around 6:00 PM throughout the year. Since I journeyed such a long way, I had to see some of the wonderful sites in Jamaica.

The best place I went was the beach. There are pictures of me at Hellshire Beach. It is near where Kaelyn and Shane live, in the city of Portmore on the south coast of Jamaica. It’s famous for fried fish and festival, which is a fried biscuit made of flour and cornmeal. The sun and sand were nice and warm and the fish was very tasty. I enjoyed the beach, but there were other fun things to do on the island.

After being at the beach, I got a little bit sandy, so I decided to clean up. In Jamaica, people hang their clothes up on clotheslines to dry, so that is where I went to dry off after washing the sand off. The sun is very strong in Jamaica, so it did not take long.

Finally, I tried some of the local Jamaican foods. The red fruit on the tree is ackee. Jamaicans eat it with dried fish, onions, and tomatoes for breakfast. It’s very popular. Ting is grapefruit flavored soda – so refreshing. The fruit is called an ortanique; it’s a mixture of orange and tangerine. Those little peppers are called scotch bonnet peppers. They are really spicy, but very common in Jamaican food. There are many hot sauces made from them. Jamaican food is really fun.

Finally, I had to say good-bye to Jamaica and return home. I had a wonderful time. It was fun to explore a new and exciting part of the world.

Yours Truly,

Magellen the Mitten

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spiral said...

Woo-hoo! I put up a post in thanks on my blog, and I got everything I've collected so far into the mail. I'll send the postcards as they come. It's been fun; in a way, I feel like we need to come up with another game just to keep connected a bit better. . .