Sunday, July 09, 2006


I step off the bus onto Knutsford Boulevard, the heart of Uptown Kingston. Sunday mornings are usually a little slow, but this is unreal. I feel like Jim in 28 Days Later, waking up after a coma (somewhat similar to the hot and sleepy bus environment) to find that no one is around.

A man follows me, shouting something. Why is he coming after me? Oh, he wants to tell me that the grocery is up this side, and I am going the wrong way. "Thanks," I say, "But I don't need anything." He turns away, his job completed.

Is there something going on today? Did I miss the news?

Finally, it dawns on me . . . World Cup Fever. I need to find a TV, and quick.


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Darius Kemp said...

Shane your post make me laugh and they usually involve pop culture. So have you heard the news about Brangelina? So how were the trainees in your opinion? By the way in my community for the first time on sunday afternoon I could hear a pin drop. Now I realized that it was the world cup!