Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcome Group 77

The new group of Peace Corps Jamaica trainees (future volunteers) arrived on the island Saturday. We had a fun weekend greeting them at the airport, attending the welcome dinner, and participating in panels. We also just hung out and answered questions, which us seasoned volunteers now know all the answers to (well at least we pretend to).

This means we are no longer the newbies on the island and we have officially been in Jamaica one whole year! Yeah!

- Kaelyn

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Kirkcaldy Kanka said...

Yous should dae the Peace Core in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. We aw heidbutt each other and drink super stregnth beer. Mental boys. We need yer help man. Gie us some pointers on how tae no kill oorselves. Ma mate Chris heidbutted a dwarf. Pure nutter so he is. You smoke the dope doon Jamaica aye? Pure minted so it is. Chills ye oot man. Stops ye heidbangin awbdy. Aye, dae peace core in Kirkcaldy.