Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas Package

On Friday, after two previous Fridays of being disappointed, we finally received our Christmas package from my family. I had been warned that this was the "best package yet" and I think that was an accurate description. We took pictures to capture our excitement and to document the occasion and those will soon be on the flickr site if you want to see for yourself. I'm getting tired of listing what was in every package although I started that for the purpose of assuring my mother that everything she sent made it here. I also thought that would be something interesting we would want to look back on since this blog's main purpose is to serve as the journal of our Peace Corps experience. But since this package was particularly big and I already told my mother over the phone everything that was in it I think I'll just hit the highlights. We of course got our 2005 Christmas ornaments. Although they weren't labeled we figured the snowman with the coffee mug (saying "I can't, it goes right through me") was for Shane and the mini-gherkin pickle ornament was for me. Shane got an unbreakable French Press (just in time since his plastic travel one couldn't possibly make another cup) and a coffee grinder. I'm sure he will write later about the perfect cup of coffee he was able to brew on Saturday morning. I got many things to make me smell good and feel like I'm not gross and disgusting all the time from all the dirt and sweat. I truly have never been so excited about pretty new underwear and deodorant in my whole life. Plus two microfiber quick dry towels that look even better than the REI ones my friends got that I was so jealous of a few weeks ago. I also got some new shoes and a new purse which are super chic but now I am afraid of pairing them with all my wornout clothes. Oh well, in a few weeks they will be dusty and wornout too. We also got a new poster from Wakarusa (which if you don't know is the best music festival of the summer that just happens to be in Lawrence, KS) and so now we will be able to fill up a little more of the vast amounts of white space dominating our walls. Oh and the new KU Alumni calendar plus these cute little origami Jayhawks. So we really made an excellent haul! And we were even able to share a little bit of our package. On Saturday afternoon we heard some little kids playing futbol outside our house so we brought down our package of candy canes, that only would have made us fat if we ate all 12 ourselves. We made instant friends thanks to the "sweeties" and they even let us play dominoes with them. We felt special.
- Kaelyn

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