Monday, January 09, 2006

From The Bluest Mountains, The Blackest Brew

The French Press and Grinder I received in the package from Kaelyn's family was really good with the Blue Mountain beans I got in Kingston the other day. The beans still cost a lot down here, about US$23 a pound, so I just got a half pound for the weekends and I will use the instant Blue Mountain coffee on the weekdays. We hope to hike up to the Blue Mountains where you can get coffee for only US$9 a pound.

The freshly grind beans make a very smooth cup. No milk is necessary with the Blue Mountain as it would be with the inferior brands, although addition of milk can be ok sometimes if you really need it. I mention the dairy for those stalwarts in my family, you know who you are, who for which coffee sans cream or milk is not really coffee at all. These same people are also appalled by my use of sugar and/or artificial sweetener. But I digress. There really is no one way to enjoy coffee. As evidence, the most popular type of coffee in Jamaica is instant, mixed with powdered creamer and sugar. Espresso bars are few and far between. In fact, few Jamaicans drink the Blue Mountain coffee and something like 90 % is exported to Japan. The Japanese get all of the good stuff.


PS-Does anyone know about the merits of leftover coffee grounds as a soil additive? I like to pour out the grounds into the potted plant we have on the patio in hopes that bacteria and insects will break down the grounds into soil. I know this experiment has been conducted millions of times in middle school science fairs, but where are the results when I need them?

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