Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RIP: Iron

Our iron died this morning, in a most flashy exit. As Kaelyn plugged in the cord, the iron literally went out with a bang. There was a cracking sound and a large spark that I heard and saw from across the room. The cord separated from the plug and the copper wires inside were severed from the spark. Kaelyn's finger had a mild electrical burn, which we fixed up with 3-in-1 ointment and a bandaid. Needless to say, our shopping list gained a new item.

An iron is very important in Jamaica, so we will have to get a replacement right away. As our host-mother taught us, you cannot go to work without ironing your clothes. If you don't iron them, your clothes will be "crushy." And nobody wants that. Here's to irons, and to one specific iron that will live on in our memory, if not in our apartment.


PS - While the iron did not have a name in life, posthumously we shall call it Sparky.


Anonymous said...

Shane: In the Peace Corps, we have no names.

Kaelyn: Now, you listen to me! This is an iron and it has a name, and it's Sparky, OK?

Shane: Sparky.

Kaelyn: It's an iron.. and it's dead now because of us. Do you understand that?

Shane: I understand. In death, a member of the Peace Corps has a name!

Shane: Its name is Sparky. Its name is Sparky!

Anonymous said...

too much fight club shane

Shane and Kaelyn said...

I don't have the Fight Club obsession, although I do like the movie and have watched it about 10 times. Why is everyone so fond of anonymity?


Anonymous said...

Because we aren't dead yet! ;)

--Original Mr. Anonymous