Thursday, October 20, 2005

Damp and Smelly

Sorry if this post makes me sound like a Negative Nancy but we spent most of Friday through Wednesday at home watching it rain. I don't think we have ever wanted to go to work so bad as we did this morning. At least being at work will get our minds off all the water that has infiltrated our apartment. It isn't so much water in the liquid form but more in the dampness it has brought to everything we own. Besides dripping from the ceiling in 3 spots (one of the spots being the entire right side of the bedroom), the walls are also damp as if the water is seeping in that way too, plus when it rains hard enough the water splashes up on the balcony and comes through under the doors. This morning everywhere we looked we found more mildew - our pillows, backpacks, the kitchen counter. The worst is our bed - the mattress and sheets are damp and have been since Saturday. Now we are just praying for some sun so we can dry everything out - after we give it a good bleaching of course. The ironic thing is that we haven't had water coming out of the pipes since yesterday afternoon. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink (or shower with)!

- Kaelyn

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