Tuesday, October 25, 2005


After spending more time on the bus to and from Kingston than I actually spent in the Peace Corps Office I was able to bring home one very exciting package! It was just one of the four that we are expecting right now but never the less it was still exhilarating to get it home and rip it open. But before I reveal the exciting contents let me explain a bit more the difficulties of my journey. I departed from home at 8:45 to try and make it to Kingston in time for a meeting that began at noon. The bus didn't come until 9:30 even though they are scheduled to come every 15 minutes. Then began the journey along the very "mashed up" roads - the result of all the heavy rain dropped by Hurricane Wilma. There are two routes to Kingston one which is currently impassable due to flooding and the other which is damaged and already slow due to the construction of the new Causeway and heavy traffic. I reached Kingston around 11:30. Usually this trip takes an hour including waiting for the bus and less time when there isn't traffic. I attended my meeting and got lots of books from the library as well as our package and Newsweeks. But the way home was much, much worse. There was a bus at the stop when I got there which would normally be a good sign. However, the bus waited at the stop until it was full and then it only went to the next major bus stop. At this point the driver told us he would be staying there until 7:00pm (it was 5:00 then). We could get off and get on another bus that was there but it was already pretty full. There was no way I was going to stay in Kingston after dark so I hauled my package and backpack full of books to the other bus where I found a nice spot to stand. The bus proceeded home in bumper to bumper traffic along very bumpy rounds. Lots of jerking and sudden starts and stops which really wasn't enjoyable while standing. Plus it was very crowded and hot. 3 hours and 30 minutes later I finally made it home - what a relief! Luckily I had running water awaiting me so I could shower away the agony of my bus ride. Then it was time to see what excitement my package held!

2 5-gallon solar showers (no more bucket baths!)
CDs - Damian Jr. Gong Marley's Welcome to Jamrock and Samantha's Square One
Cliff Bars
A bag of Fruit Snacks and Laffy Taffy
Bead supplies for making jewelry
A Donald Duck figurine from a McDonald's Happy Meal
Plus some photocopied news articles

Thanks Mom and Dad - it was a very exciting package indeed! Plus we have 3 more on the way - stay tuned for what exciting things those bring!



Shane said...

We like candy.

Shane and Kaelyn said...

Just a shout out to the 3 previous packages we received. The first two we got in Ewarton during training. One from each of our Mom's for my birthday. We got towels, office supplies, twizzlers, pretzels, and bug spray from my mom. Shane's mom sent popcorn, twizzlers, cliff bars, organic chocolate bars and Thai noodle soups. The thrid package was mentioned in a previous blog (New Things) and it contained Avon toner, pumice stones, tampons, pics of my sisters, nutritional (brewer's) yeast, Vegetarian Times, and cd's - Tribute to Sublime and ALO. Just in case anyone was curious about what makes these packages oh so exciting!

Erin said...

Wait a second you two you can't comment on what you just wrote..... duh.... and where are the picks of shanes haircut??? very dissapointing... i dont know if i spelled that right but Kaelyn wont be able to tell lol... Love you both