Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meet Hurricane Wilma!

Wilma is the 21st named storm and the 12th hurricane of the 6-month hurricane season, this ties the record for the number of storms (1969) and hurricanes (1933). Considering it is only mid-October and the season lasts until November 30th it seems highly probably that both records will be broken. There are only 21 names on the yearly list so the next storm will have to be named from the letters of the Greek alphabet. Be on the lookout for Alpha!



Anonymous said...

Wooo, go World! Don't listen to what anybody says! Don't let the man bring you down! YOU CAN DOOO IIIT! (But please don't flood Shane and Kaelyn.)

They should make a book.. The Guinness Book of the World's Records. Har har.


Shane and Kaelyn said...

Hurricane Wilma set a new record for the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin, with a pressure of 882 mm Hg in the eye and winds of 175. What a storm!