Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shane's Hair Mauled at Jamaican Barber Shop! Exclusive Before and After Shots!

OK. So it wasn't that bad. I decided that, rather than let the barber try to do a longer hairstyle, I would just get it all cut off Jamaican-style. It took about an hour. I also splurged for a warm-water shampoo after the trim. Needless to say, everyone at the office was surprised when I came into work the next day. I like it, though. It's easy to clean and style. My head is cooler. It dries much faster in the morning. Plus, as Kaelyn knows, it will grow back in time. So she does not have to be in curl-deprivation for too long.


1 comment:

Kaelyn said...

It is pretty fun to touch and it sort of reminds me of a chia pet.