Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Drink

In Jamaica sorrel is the traditional Christmas drink. Since the onset of the Christmas season we have been testing out the different varieties on sale at the grocery store. It tastes like a mix between cranberry and grape juice with ginger added. It has definitely made the list of our favorite Jamaican things and it will be sad when the season is over and we can't get any more. Although if we were really into the sorrel thing we would be making our own - for next year. The best sorrel is apparently the home-made variety made a year or years in advance. We have yet to try any home-brew and none of the sorrel we tried had any wine or rum added. So we are mere novices in the sorrel world. But most of you have probably never even heard of sorrel in which case I direct you to the Jamaica Gleaner's Eye on Science section for today which 3 fascinating articles about sorrel. Apparently, in addition to being a mighty tasty drink sorrel has many other uses from chutney to shampoo plus it has many health benefits. It's almost too good to be true!

- Kaelyn

Just in case you happen to get your hands on some sorrel here is the classic Jamaican recipe. Cheers!

1 pound sorrel
2-4 oz. ginger
2 quarts water
wine (optional)
8-12 pimento grains
1. Wash sorrel thoroughly, using the fingers to lift it from the water.
2. Put into a stainless steel container.
3. Scrape and wash ginger. Grate and add to the sorrel. Add pimento grains.
4. Boil water and pour over sorrel.
5. Allow to stand four to six hours. Strain.
6. Sweeten to taste and add rum to taste.
7. Add optional wine.
8. Serve with ice cubes.

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