Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Not Really Looking Alot Like Christmas ...

Or at least looking like the Christmas we have grown accustomed to in the Midwest. It's hard to believe Christmas is less then 2 weeks away. It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas here, today's current temp is 82F. And there aren't many fresh cut evergreen trees or Christmas carolers. But every once in a while you see something that reminds you that it is Christmas time. A few houses in our neighborhood have lights and one even has a fake tree decorated on the roof. We have even heard a couple of Jamaican Christmas songs on the radio ("Santa Claus do you ever come to the ghetto?"). And we are enjoying some of the Jamaican Christmas traditions - especially sorrel and fruitcake. Maybe our office's Christmas party on Saturday will put us in the Christmas spirit. Plus we can always look forward to next year when we will be singing "I'll be home for Christmas".

- Kaelyn

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