Monday, December 05, 2005

Package and Interesting Tidbits

On Friday we received a very important package containing the clothes for our office's Christmas Party. The party is very formal - Cinderella Ball style - and we opted to have things we already owned sent from home rather than buying new stuff. Not only was this cheaper but we really didn't think anything new would be worn again so it seemed less wasteful too. A Big Up goes out to my mother for digging our things out of storage and sending them. She's the greatest! The really fascinating thing about this package (since its contents aren't too interesting) is that it made it to Jamaica in only 4 days! Only 4 days to come all the way from Kansas to Jamaica! Too bad Peace Corps only picks up the mail once per week from the airport so it took us another 2 weeks to actually get our hands on the package. But it is here in plenty of time before the party so all is well.

In other interesting weekend news: Shane was presented with a customer appreciation gift basket at our grocery store - we aren't exactly sure why but it made us feel very cool. We found out that our landlady plans on getting a tank so that we can have running water during the daytime - which means no more waking up super early just so that you can have a decent shower. We bought a portable closet and rearranged the apartment to accommodate this new piece of furniture. And Shane made a really yummy vegan chocolate cake from a recipe in our Peace Corps Jamaica Cookbook.

But the most exciting thing of all were the treats Shane brought back from MegaMart! Coronas and Tequila! Isn't he just the awesomest husband ever! He also got some tortillas so now we can have Mexican Night Part 2. I can't wait!

- Kaelyn

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