Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Our Favorite Jamaican Phrases

We don't hear or use much patois since we aren't in a rural area but these are a few Jamaican sayings we have picked up.

Likkle more (little more) - see or talk to you later
"Okay, likkle more." (At the end of a phone call or conversation.)

Come - used when you want someone to follow or bring you something
"Bring the book come."

Lick - to hit or beat
"Him lick me sir." (What Shane's students tell him constantly at school.)

Hush - be quiet or stop teasing (A nice replacement for shut up.)

Whagwan or Whampum - what's going on or what's happening?

Lattah (later) - goodbye

Mawnin and Eveling - Good Morning and Good Evening (Said to everyone you pass.)

Beg ya - Can I have some money?
"Beg ya $20"

Mi soff (me soft) - The answer to beg ya meaning you don't have any money.

Pickney - children
"Da pickney dem chat too much." (The kids talk too much.)

Ya so or deh so - over here or over there
"Mi live deh so."

One stop or bus stop - please stop the taxi here

Nuff - a lot or enough
"Mi ave nuff pumpkin." (I have a whole bunch of pumpkin.) ~ This happens sometimes in our fridge when we don't cook it fast enough.

Ole eap (whole heap) - plenty or too many
"Ole eap of violence in Spanish Town."

Mash up - damage or destroy (can be a verb or a noun)
"Wilma mash up da road." or "Da road mash up."

Mi cyaan boder (me can't bother) - I can't deal with that

Faarin (foreign) - the States

Ya'unerstan (do you understand) - you know? (This follows pretty much every other statement.)

- Kae and Shane

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