Monday, December 05, 2005

Shopping for Entertainment

On Sunday, I made a trip to MegaMart, which is the only big box store in Portmore. It is sort of like Sam's, because it has the really tall aisles with the back stock stacked above the currently selling items. It was kind of fun to wonder through the aisles and gaze upon the vast number of consumer goods. Most of the stuff is available at other places like the supermarket and it doesn't come in big bulk sizes like you would get at Costco or Sam's. It still comes in little bags for most things like chips and cookies. The nice thing about MegaMart is that all of the various things (packaged food, housewares, toiletries, produce, clothing) can be found in one location, instead of going to many different stores.

There were a few exciting things there that I could not find anywhere else. Corona, tequila, and tortillas, will make for a wonderful Mexican night. I also picked up some pretzels and a scented lemongrass citronella mosquito-repellent candle made in Jamaica. You really cannot find these things at most supermarkets. So it is a treat when I found them and, of course, I had to pick some up because I have only been out to Mega Mart three times in six months. I had a fun time wondering the aisles, almost imagining I was back in the states. Shopping is one thing that the states does very efficiently, I must admit, and there is a definite difference down here. On the plus side in Jamaica is that there are little shops all over the residential areas that sell a limited amount of goods like non-perishable foods and a few vegetables and toiletries. I just can't imagine the suburban neighborhoods in the US where every third house is either a shop, barber, bar, or restaurant. Hello zoning, goodbye next door neighbor with bar and gambling games or other neighbor cutting hair in garage.


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