Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The End!

Today is the end of the Atlantic hurricane season! And what a season it has been, breaking all sorts of records and technically still kickin thanks to Epsilon which is hanging out by Bermuda. Having never lived in an area affected by hurricanes I found it all to be pretty unnerving and I was only around part of it. Beginning June 1st and lasting until November 3oth the Atlantic season is 6 months long. This year there were 26 named storms (tropical storms and hurricanes) which makes this the busiest season ever (the previous record being 21 in 1933). There were also the most hurricanes on record this year with 13 (topping 12 in 1969). And there were the most Category 5 hurricanes this year with 3 - Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Plus it was the first time ever that the official list of storm names had been exhausted and the Greek alphabet had to be used. I have never been one to rely on weather reports but here I find myself seeking out daily updates so that I can attempt to prepare for what may be headed my way. A storm doesn't have to be headed here for it to be worrisome. Even rain causes lots of problems and many would argue that the effects of Wilma were worse than some previous direct hits by hurricanes. I've definitely had nuff rain! While I don't know what challenges the dry season may bring, I am pretty excited to be putting hurricane season behind me - until next year at least.

- Kaelyn

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