Tuesday, November 15, 2005

3 Month Blahs Setting In?

We had a nice talk on Sunday. After three months of actually being in our site, we both realized that our Peace Corps service isn't exactly what we thought it would be. Of course, we don't want to leave early or anything. It's just easy to look forward to Summer 2007 when we will be leaving. It is hard because there is such a definite ending date and you can't help but plan ahead. Again, not that we want to leave now. But our job is still pretty boring. We like that we can use the internet, but the projects we are working on seem like something that we could be doing back at home. We want to get to the point where we feel like Jamaica is home, not just someplace we happen to be right now. This could easily happen over the next year and a half, and maybe by then we won't want to leave. We shall see.

We hope to have something more exciting to write about soon. Stay tuned.

-Shane and Kaelyn


spiral said...

So sorry to hear it's not all you hoped, as I know it was a rough journey getting there. We're all thinking of you, though. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Perhaps we could give you a call?

Sara said...

Hey - 3 months in can be really hard.... the holidays make you feel a little better and January is when things start feeling better.... try to make some changes if things are going quite right - - try something else....
Have fun!