Thursday, November 10, 2005

Now I've Heard Everything

The other day I decided that I had heard it all. It happened when I was at work chatting about going to the beach last weekend. The owner of our favorite spot - Prendy's On the Beach - happened to be in the office and I was telling her how we didn't stay long which is why we didn't stop in to eat. In fact I told her the only thing we got while we were there was a sunburn. She took this opportunity to let me in on a little secret - Red Stripe Beer makes an excellent tanning product. You just puncture a little hole in the cap so that you don't get too much at once and then you spread it over you body. Can you imagine? Not only would you leave the beach smelling like salt and fish but beer too. But perhaps it is crazy enough it just might work - because in Jamaica Red Stripe is the answer to everything!


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