Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Comfort Food

I have to give a "Big Up" to the wonderful chef in our house. Since we got home from Runaway Bay on Friday I've been feeling rather ill (actually I was sick with runny belly on Thursday night and Friday too) with what I believe is a cold. Doesn't that seem like a strange concept - coming down with a cold in Jamaica. But for the past 4 days I have had a sore throat, ear pain, and have been tired and achey. And of course my wonderful husband has taken exceptional care of me by fixing me all my favorite feel-better foods and lots of hot tea. On Saturday he made grilled (soy) cheese and vegetable soup. On Sunday, egg-drop soup and popcorn. And last night he made mashed potatoes (with green bananas and garlic) and stir fried vegetables (pak choy, carrot, and onion with lots of soy sauce). I have to say I have been very well taken care of and there is just something nice about being treated with your favorite comfort foods when you are feeling sick.


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