Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No Peace In Spanish Town

Lately there has been quite a bit of violence going on in neighboring Spanish Town. On Sunday the leader of one of the city's two gangs (who has been on the wanted list for over 10 years) was killed by the police and for the past two days there have been roadblocks and a gun war in retaliation. If you want to read more about it there have been several articles in today and yesterday's Jamaica Gleaner and Observer newspapers. We just wanted to assure everyone that we haven't been affected by it in any way. Luckily we can still get to Kingston without having to go through Spanish Town. Although avoiding it does make traveling to other parts of the island a bit difficult. However, for some of our fellow volunteers living in St. Catherine that is their only option for getting groceries and I'm sure it will be much more difficult for them. For now it seems that things have calmed down and the ban for PCVs to travel there has been lifted. Now it joins Downtown Kingston as a restricted area that we are only permitted to travel in after notifying Peace Corps first. Hopefully, the worst is over and things will fully return to normal in the old capital and No Peace In Spanish Town will return to being a song rather than the status quo.


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