Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Legend of Zorro

Okay so this review is a bit late considering we say this movie last Tuesday but better late than never. Unfortunately, we will have no movie review for this week or next week because the theatre is closed so they can fix the AC. We had been looking forward to seeing A History of Violence this week but now we will just have to wait for it to come out on video.

So now onto our review of The Legend of Zorro which we managed through without the AC. Luckily we got a seat right under the fan, the only downside to that was being in the second row. So our necks hurt a bit but we didn't sweat as much. We also indulged on cool drink and popcorn during the intermission even though we had treated ourselves to Veggie Burger combos at Burger King before the movie.

The movie itself was better than some we have seen here but not one we would recommend others rush out to see.

Kaelyn: *** (out of 5) Good, clean fun. A nice family film.
Shane: ** (out of 5) The little kid was annoying, but I liked the wacky plot involving nitroglycerine hidden in soap smuggled into California. I felt that CZJ and the two Pinkertons should have gotten more screen time as they were more interesting than Antonio and his fear of being cuckolded. A mindless diversion that should have been more diverting.

-Kaelyn and Shane

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